Using English in the English Classroom – Elementary (EUEEC)

EUEEC (Using English in the English Classroom for Elementary) is a methodology program for elementary school teachers within Gyeonggi Province in South Korea. During this program, we’ll go over basic skills to use in the elementary school classroom; talk about how to flesh out an elementary school textbook chapter into a robust, engaging lesson; and, of course, give our participants some fun, practical activities they can easily implement into the classroom.

We’ve got a few rounds of EUEEC this year (the first was actually back in January!) but the next one will take place across April 12-14th and 16th.

During the April round of EUEEC, mostly be focusing on teachers who are maybe new to the English classroom, and who need a crash course in English teaching basics. We’ll do modules on reading, writing, phonics, speaking, and vocabulary. Here’s what we have planned.

In the reading module taught by Autumn, trainees will learn how to start using story and picturebooks in their own classroom. We’ll go over some strategies for how to engage students, increase reading comprehension and – of course – to make reading time enjoyable for all.

In the writing module taught by Betsey, trainees will look at how to plan and implement extended writing activities based on the target language in the 5th grade English curriculum. Example activities will be analyzed for objective and purpose before trainees have time to create their own activity with their group members.

In the phonics module taught by Eric, trainees will learn about the steps of the phonics teaching process. We’ll also talk about how to organize games and activities for phonics, and even how to incorporate picture books for phonics practice.

In the vocabulary module taught by Chris, trainees will examine current vocabulary teaching strategies, learn how to implement new methods, and examine and modify current elementary level activities to enhance vocabulary learning.

In the speaking module taught by Kristina, trainees will explore ways to encourage speaking participation in a student-centered classroom. They will look at different activities and envision how to develop their own or modify other activities to fit their classroom.

The other rounds of EUEEC will take place in August, October, November, and December, so if you can’t make it to the April training, we hope to see you later in the year. As always, you can find more information and sign up on our Korean site.

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