Using English in the English Classroom – Elementary (EUEEC) – August

EUEEC (Using English in the English Classroom for Elementary) is a methodology program for elementary school teachers within Gyeonggi Province in South Korea. During this program, we’ll go over basic skills to use in the elementary school classroom; talk about how to flesh out an elementary school textbook chapter into a robust, engaging lesson; and, of course, give our participants some fun, practical activities they can easily implement into the classroom.

We’ve got a few rounds of EUEEC this year (the first was actually back in January!) but the next one will take place from August 4-5.

Here’s what we got planned for August.

You can look back at what we did in April here.

Autumn’s module is all about quick, fun formative assessments that teachers can use to figure out their students understanding in the classroom. She’ll go over formative assessment techniques, how to get feedback to students quickly, and, of course, have a lot of discussion time to get real practical ideas and tips from teachers actually in the classroom.

Betsey’s module will look at Critical Multicultural Education, how it differs from traditional Multicultural Education and the transformative teaching practices that are embedder in the pedagogy. Trainees will also look at why Multicultural Education is needed in the Korean Elementary and EFL classrooms and the challenges associated with Multicultural Education teaching. Trainees will be asked to reflect and share about their own teaching practices and prepare an Action Plan for future goals related to Multicultural Education in their own classroom.

In Eric’s EUEEC session, trainees will learn all about teaching Western culture in their classrooms. They will learn the benefits, pitfalls, and methods, as well as a variety of activities they can use in their schools.

In the Classroom English Module taught by Chris, trainees will identify Classroom English, discuss strategies on how to teach it and choose expressions that are suitable for each grade. We’ll also look at some examples and trainees can create their own table for reference and use for the future

In this module Kristina introduces different ways to motivate and get students to actively participate in speaking and task-based learning the classroom. It looks at taking regular learning exercises and making them into engaging and challenging activities that even your lowest level student will participate in. Some of these will show immediate results, but others will develop new skills and language over time with active use.

The other rounds of EUEEC will take place in August, October, November, and December, so if you can’t make it to the April training, we hope to see you later in the year. As always, you can find more information and sign up on our Korean site.

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