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Classroom Innovation, Y(our) Style

Here at GIFLE, we’re always looking for new, innovative resources to use in our classrooms – and ways to find or create resources, as well. We want to create and curate resources that are adaptable to all sorts of different teaching situations because hey, we’re all about differentiation and making sure every student has the chance to succeed. Feel free to click around, see what we have to offer, and think about how you can adapt what we have here to your own classroom – and if you find something you like or that works well, drop us a line about it.

Pop Culture Resources for the EFL Classroom

Incorporating pop culture into the language learning classroom is a great idea on several different accounts. It naturally grabs students’ attention, allows the language to be experienced in real and authentic ways, teaches slang and colloquial English, and, of course, is tons of fun! It can be pretty difficult for teachers to find resources surrounding…

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