Teaching Tips

Here at GIFLE, we do a lot with education – thinking about education, writing about education, teaching others about education . . . you get the gist. Here, our instructors have written about some of their best teaching tips for you to peruse. These range anywhere from how to select appropriate videos to helping foster digital natives within your classroom. As with our teaching resources, all of our teaching tips should be able to be curated to your own classroom needs (with a little tweaking though). Happy reading, and we hope you find these tips as useful as our instructors did!

Random Student Selection: Importance and Methods

When you teach class, how do you select students for giving answers? Do you ask a question and then move on when the smartest student in the class shouts the answer? Do you ask for volunteers, then just say the answer yourself when no one replies? Well, in this blog post, we’ll give you a few pointers for how—and why—to select students to answer your questions. 

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